How and When to Downsize

Are you looking to downsize your house or home in Calgary?

We all will be faced, one day, of downsizing our home.  Whether the kids have left the nest, looking to make life easier with a smaller property or condo, or just financially it makes sense to downsize, the process with Calgary Home Realty can be smooth and a positive one.  Some things to think about when you downsize:

1. Think Long Term

Look at buying something that will fit your needs for years to come: location, size, amenities, functionality, required upgrades are all things to consider.  Do you have kids or grandkids or in-laws that come and visit often?  

2. Be Prepared To Purge

When downsizing, it is important that when you move in you feel comfortable and the space fits for you.  As you prepare to move, considering passing on family heirlooms and donating items you really won't need in your new home.  You are going to be saving on money with a smaller, more affordable place - don't make it uncomfortable or that you have to rent a storage locker to keep items you may not ever need again.

3. Consider Upfront Costs

Remember, you will have to get your current place ready for sale with home repairs to make it marketable.  You will also need to hire movers and don't forget about possible property taxes, HOA fees, and any repairs required for your new place.

4. Stay Positive

Downsizing can be rewarding and literally bring your family together.  With less space to manage you will have less stress.  Enjoy your new place and relish in the fact that your financial responsibilities will be less which will afford you great latitude and flexibility with your money elsewhere!  You deserve it!