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Are you interested to know how Noah Miller, REALTOR®, can help you?  Here's how:

Aerial House ShotMy Calgary Home Realty's Noah Miller has extensive background in sales and service and business ownership and paired with years in high performance international level sport. I know what it takes to succeed and I am determined to maximize and delivering on performance by way of discipline, loyalty, and pride in my work.  Noah is a life long learner and strives to make each day better than the last.  He knows what it takes to set and achieve goals and benchmarks.  and believes that selling in real estate is truly a team effort where our team will combine with you and your team to ensure maximum exposure, accuracy, and the opportunity to make a sale!

The selling process can be overwhelming at times.  There is a lot to be done, but rest assured we will provide effective communication and guidance so the process of selling your home is a rewarding and positive experience.  We prescribe to a 8-step plan to selling your home that includes high level marketing and we will do everything to get buyers through your door and wanting to put pen to paper to make an offer on your home.  Aspects of our marketing plan include:

Listing Video - I will put together a combination of exterior and interior shots with both our 1080HD drone camera and my handheld gimball with the latest technology Apple camera.  The outcome is a nice slideshow showcasing your home and what sets it apart from other listings in the area at your price point.  This video will be attached to all possible listings and provides potential buyers with a great snapshot of your property;

Professional Photographs - In addition to the Listing Video, I enlist the services of a professional photographer who will do still photographs of the exterior and interior of your home.  The photos are set to proper aperture, shutter speed, exposure, ISO, and focus to really detail and highlight the strengths of your home based on the lighting and environment;

Measurements - by law, real estate agents have to measure your property to the specifications set out by the Real Estate Council of Alberta.  In order to do this, I enlist a reputable 3rd party measuring company to perform the measurements and provide them to complement our listing description.  Part of the measurement package will include a detailed floor plan with measurements and this will be including in the listing profile of your property;

Expert Pricing Strategy - it is so important to price your home at the right price to attract showings and get that offer to consider.  Pricing too high and prospective buyers will turn a blind eye.  Price it too low and you may miss out on getting full value for your home.  My Calgary Home Realty will extensively study current and recent values in your area and will suggest a pricing strategy to ensure it gains the exposure your home needs to get offers in a reasonable amount of time on the market;

Effective Online Marketing - The digital marketing strategy espoused by My Calgary Home Realty will ensure that the spotlight is on your property.  I will list your property on the multiple listing service (MLS®) of which is the leading database of listings in Canada.  I will then promote your listing through various online channels, such as blog posts, on my personal website, the Royal LePage national website and local brokerage website, Instagram, Facebook private and public groups, YouTube, and various listing websites (Homefinder and Point2homes and Kijiji).  I will promote your listing through social media and attempt to reach the biggest base of buyers possible.  With the potential for drone photography, professional photographs, a professional write up on your property, and search engine optimization, we will maximize exposure for your listing online.  You can't afford to miss out on our marketing strategy and considering 80% of buyers are checking the web for listings we will make sure your property doesn't get missed!;

Word of Mouth - Through my network of connections in real estate and also the various social media groups I am apart of online, your property will get the attention it deserves.  I will ensure that other REALTORS® know about your property!  Whether it is posting directly to the various private Facebook groups for Calgary REALTORS® or contacting real estate agents directly who have similar properties listed in the area, I will get the word out and market your property in every way possible.  Furthermore, I am an agent working for Royal LePage Benchmark which is comprised of over 160 agents.  Of those 160 agents most all have buyers, or multiple buyers that they are looking for.  By letting my peers at RLP Benchmark know about your property, they will then utilize their own network of buyers and agents and pass the information on about your property giving you exponential backend exposure.  I will go to great lengths to make sure people know about your property!;

Feedback - after every showing of your property, we will follow up with the potential buyer's realtor for feedback and a scorecard for a rating of your property.  This feedback can provide vital information for future showings and also give an indication of the level of interest in your property;

Open Houses- I personally run my own Open Houses as often as I can.  It is a great way to showcase your property and meet face to face with prospective buyers.  In addition to running the Open House for you, I often will door knock in the surrounding area prior to the Open House and let local residents know of the upcoming Open House.  What this tends to do is create a buzz in the surrounding community and residents are more than likely to have friends, family, or coworkers that are looking to purchase real estate.  Pre-doorknocking the community of your house is a great way to generate interest in your property and you just never know who might be interested in buying it!

Key-Turn Concierge - from start to finish, we vow to be in communication with you.  We will update you on market activity as it becomes available and do weekly check-ins to ensure that you are comfortable with the process and what is happening in the market in relation to their property.

Your listing will be posted to the following websites:;, Facebook, Instagram, (both desktop and mobile sites),,, and YouTube.

The 8-Step Plan To Getting Your Home SOLD

1. Preparing Your Home:

  • Make necessary repairs, improvements, clean, and declutter;
  • A great option is to enlist the services of a Licensed Home Inspector who can go through your home with you and point out deficiencies and grade conditions of your home - this will make selling your house in the final stages a lot easier if any deficiencies can be rectified;
  • Build a spreadsheet of your utility providers and payment averages in both winter time and summer time;
  • Start making considerations of how you will deal with home showings in regards to your family and any pets - typically 24 hours notice is given for potential showings but sometimes buyers ask for exceptions;
  • Gather documents and paperwork regarding your property such as an RPR and recent repairs and remediations;
  • Research for a real estate lawyer to oversee your transaction - My Calgary Home Realty can suggest a few lawyers to consider.

2. Sit down with Noah Miller of My Calgary Home Realty:

  • Go over a comparative market analysis of similar homes recently sold and currently listed that are near you;
  • Share documents and paperwork with realtor;
  • Determine best list price and possession date with realtor;
  • Sign a listing agreement;
  • Work with realtor for dates to book photos, measurements, FOR SALE signage, lockbox installation, and listing date.

3. Launch Marketing Campaign:

  • List property on MLS®,,,, Facebook (including various Calgary "agent only" private groups), Instagram, (both desktop and mobile sites),,, Kijiji, and YouTube;
  • Develop advertisements as needed to promote your property.

4. Showcase Your Home:

  • Be prepared for showings on 24 hours notice or less;
  • Have My Calgary Home Realty hold Open Houses for you;
  • Keep your home tidy, clean, and ready for showings.

5. Review and Feedback On Your Listing:

  • My Calgary Home Realty will constantly monitor the market and new and expired listings and sales to see if adjustments ever need to be made to your listing;
  • Feedback will be sought out from open house prospective buyers along with real estate professionals who are representing buyers who have and have not yet viewed your property.

6. Receiving Offers:

  • My Calgary Home Realty will work with you through the offers received and plan how to respond to each and every offer;
  • Accept an offer that meets your needs and sign the paperwork;
  • Waive conditions when they are met and allow the buyer time to waive their conditions when they are satisfied on them;
  • Book movers;
  • Book move out cleaners.

7. Closing:

  • Send documents to the real estate lawyer;
  • The buyer will be released the keys on possession date once funds are transferred from their lawyer to your lawyer;
  • Title will be transferred to the new owners.

8. SOLD!

  • You will become part of the My Calgary Home Realty Client Appreciation Program!;
  • Pass along referrals to My Calgary Home Realty!!!